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KARANPAL SINGH SANDHU (Grand Master) was the first one to bring Reiki to the state of Punjab (INDIA) and one of the foremost in Northern India. Starting way back in the beginning of nineties today he has innumerable students and patients across the length & breadth of the globe.
He started his centre in the holy city of Amritsar (INDIA) in 1996 and after migrating to CANADA, he is successfully running his Centre of Holistic Sciences in Calgary (Alberta) since May 2012.
During this wonderful journey of Healing & Teaching he has been able to cure innumerable patients, heal incurable diseases and motivate not only ordinary persons but also professionals including Doctors, Engineers and people from the scientific world with his results (see Testimonials). People from all walks of life have benefited from these wonderful Natural Healing Techniques.
So apart from giving healing sessions to the patients his centre's main objective is to make every person self reliant and capable enough to heal self and near/dear ones.

Natural Crystals fascinate everyone through their glitter and beauty but after learning about the Crystal Kingdom we can utilize their immense healing powers. CRYSTAL THERAPY is a technique which also helps us to grow spiritually.

ASTRAL and COLOR THERAPIES are very advanced techniques where one learns to work and heal beyond the physical plane at the subtle level.

Different MEDITATION Courses are meant for those who want to explore the journey within themselves. Many of these meditation courses are not for the beginners.

TEACHING for us is not all about crash courses or just few hour affairs but we believe in the ethics of deeper knowledge and understand that a beginner needs proper guidance before he/she adheres to a new journey. Earlier we always preached that one needs a capable MASTER to seek guidance and learning, who can be approached at all times but we know in this age of gadgets and wi-fi's now this guidance and learning can be sought from anywhere in the world and at all times.

ALAS ! The times have changed.
(Many people complain about the demerits of technology but now see the merits of the same for the good of humanity).

That's why it's always said there's nothing like good or evil, it's just how you perceive it.


CENTRE OF HOLISTIC SCIENCES is attending to wide range of patients suffering from either PHYSICAL problems (including all major ailments) or MENTAL problems (psycho somatic disorders like tension, depression, negative thinking etc.). This centre is also working to awaken human beings to understand their SPIRITUAL needs. For that different Meditation courses are also conducted in both countries.

With ABSENTEE or DISTANCE HEALING we can heal the needy patient from far off places so there is no need for the patient to be present in person at our centre. (Though it sounds unbelievable to many but just like we can talk to someone on our cellphone sitting anywhere in the world, by learning these techniques we can not only heal but can support or assist anyone in need ). Its all Science or Metaphysics and its no magic.


(i) are provided to many patients who don't know why they are suffering,
(ii) the ROOT CAUSE of their problems,
(iii) consultations regarding the PLACE where either they are LIVING or intend to live,
(iv) consultations regarding their WORKPLACE ,
(v) consultations for starting a new BUSINESS,
(vi) intentions of switching JOB,
(vii) want to move to some other COUNTRY,
(viii) FAMILY issues,
(ix) RELATIONSHIP issues,
(x) ADDICTION issues etc.

FREE HEALING SERVICES are offered to the Elderly and Infants (new born). We can also help relieve pain of terminally ill patients who are suffering from fatal diseases.

The biggest achievement of this centre has been that those who learnt these Natural Healing Techniques way back are now bringing their next generations, siblings, children, new friends till date to us. That itself shows the commitment and dedication of this centre. The affection it gets from the people can be gauged (enquired) by you whenever you meet anyone associated with our group.

Earlier this centre was mainly looking after its own network of people but seeing huge requests for TREATMENTS and CONSULTATIONS now this centre has turned into an alliance, A HOLISTIC HANDS ALLIANCE, to fulfill the demands of the needy recipients all over the world.

Our HOLISTIC HANDS ALLIANCE also intends to help innumerable students who are blessed with psychic abilities to not only heal the needy but also to feed their own families. And just like with our all other good intentions that day is not far away when it will be a reality, SO BE IT !!!

Karanpal Singh Sandhu
Viber & Cell (403) 992-6062
Traditional Reiki Grand Master
Colour/Astral & Crystal Master

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