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Sh. Ashok Kumar, Central Govt. Employee

My name is Ashok Kumar and I am 28 years old. I want to share my experience with all of you. I was very sick in the year 2011. I was having breathing problem late in 2011 and even had trouble while inhaling. I contacted a lot of doctors for the inhaling problem I was facing. I was also having skin disease which infected my hand, particularly thumbs. I even acquired hair- fall problem, but after my treatment from Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu my hair is growing back. I got diagnosed by doctors so that I could get my treatments done but the doctors said that I was having not more than 3-4 months to live for and suggested me to take best rest for the time being. I was shattered after knowing that I was not having much time to live as well as spend with my family and loved ones. One of my friends told me that there is a treatment known as reiki which is very beneficial and has helped a lot of individuals. I thought of undergoing the treatment and I was given reiki treatment for 5 days. Within a week, I was able to see the positive effects which I was supposed to get after getting reiki treatment and my body showed a lot of improvement.

I came to know about that sir provided reiki treatment as well. Suddenly after some days, I started to feel uncomfortable again. My liver stopped working properly and that was the time I came to know that I was having skin disease also. Then I started to learn first degree reiki. I tried to complete all the parts of the first degree by myself but I was also accompanied by Dr. Sandhu and he also gave me reiki healing from time to time. While I was getting reiki healing, there were times when I had inhaling problems. I stopped taking medicines and kept them aside as I was not getting any benefit from their consumption and getting all those tests done. I started healing myself by doing reiki treatment on my body and my body started improving. You can see yourself that I am sitting in front of you and am living a normal life. Now I am able to perform all the tasks of my daily routine whereas previously I was not even able to stand up properly.

I want to share one more thing with you and it is that I was not even able to digest a glass of water. Dr. Sandhu told me how we can filter water using reiki. The water which gets filtered by doing reiki is much more pure than the RO water filtered by electronic filters. If you are using electronic filtered water, apply reiki on it and it will reach its purest form. After learning how we can filter water using reiki, I stared filtering water myself and am still drinking it. I gave reiki filtered water to some of my friends and the first thing which most of them said after drinking it is ‘Why this water is tastier than the normal filtered water?’ The one reason which results in the purity of water is that all the negativity that is present in the water which is available for drinking is taken out and after reiki filtration; it‘s in its purest form. Our Government is not having facilities that they can provide us the purest nature of anything. I have visited several villages and one common problem there is regarding the quality of water and that is why people in these villages say that the “Water has gone foul”. If we do reiki on that water we can bring it to its best filtered stage. After having filtered water by reiki process, I am not only able to digest water but I can also eat and digest food properly. You can see my hands as they are getting better day by day. Thank You!

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