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ASTRAL HEALING Astral Therapy is healing beyond the physical body. This healing is meant to heal yourself and others. Subtle negativities can be removed easily at this level which are difficult to get rid off at physical level.

Auric deformities can be cured in Astral Therapy. Physical injuries can be cured at unbelievable short spans. Meditations at the Astral Level becomes easier. And much more than expected is learnt in the Three levels of Astral Healing.

The Astral Body is lighter than the physical body. It is the light body that you travel in to the Astral plane while you are sleeping or day dreaming. The Astral plane is another dimension of existence where we work out circumstances and experiences that we are unable to work out in our physical life.

One of the major benefit of ASTRAL HEALING is that auric deformities/imbalances can be effectively handled or treated. Physical injuries can also be cured in unbelievable short span of time.

ASTRAL THERAPY is really beneficial to those persons who are interested in experiencing the higher rate of vibrations.

Karanpal Singh Sandhu
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Traditional Reiki Grand Master
Colour/Astral & Crystal Master

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