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S. BirInder Singh Thind, Education Department

My name is BirInder Singh and I am from Education department. I am having so many experiences with reiki that if I start to tell you each and every experience, it would take an entire day. But in less time I would like to share some of my experiences. On December 21, 2006 I arrived in Amritsar and there was a lot of fog out there. A lot of vehicles were stopped because of the bad weather as the visibility was nearly equal to zero. I was on my motor bike and suddenly someone from rear rammed in my bike and I suddenly felt a jerk in my body. At that time, I didn‘t feel any pain but after some time when I went to temple to offer prayers, I felt pain in my back and I was not able to stand up properly. On the same day, my sister‘s husband called me and we met. He saw that I was not walking properly and asked me what the problem was. He offered to help me and said that he can heal my back. Actually he had learnt reiki from Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu. So we both went to Dr. Sandhu‘s home and I remember that he was sitting in his room and asked my relative about the issue. He said that I was suffering from back problem. Sir asked me to lie on the bed.

I started worrying if sir were going to pull my leg or cause me any pain. But sir didn‘t do anything like that. He gave energy at some of the points in my body and after sometime, I felt that all the pain was gathering at one point in my body from where it was going out. I was feeling so great that I didn‘t want sir to take off his hand from my back. He did reiki for approximately 45 minutes and after that I was perfectly fine. This was my first experience with reiki and it was really great. Sir asked me to come three more days and get reiki healing.

I was surprised as my relative has told me that sir doesn‘t even charge a penny and does reiki for free. I went three more days and sir did reiki healing for me on those three days. This incident lead to a new relationship between me and sir and I used to visit him occasionally. If he needed anything to be done which I was capable to do, he used to ask me and I always tried to complete that task. I didn‘t learn reiki in the starting but whenever my mom, brother or even I was having any problem, we used to visit sir and he used to heal us through reiki. Once, my wife got reaction from few medicines which resulted in itching problem. We consulted a well-known skin doctor. The consultation fee of that doctor was quite high and he used to write a lot of medicines but none of the medicines worked on my wife. Then I asked my wife to give a visit to sir and get healed through reiki. So we both visited sir and sir gave my wife reiki healing and after three consecutive days of healing my wife was perfectly fine. My wife asked about what sir did to her that she was fine within three days. She also said that she wanted to learn reiki healing as she knew that sir is a very good teacher of reiki. I told her that if she was willing to learn, then I will also learn reiki but I will be the first one who will start learning. Then sir ‘s wife, whom I consider my sister, said that if both of us wanted to learn reiki then we should learn it together other than learning separately. Learning together will be more beneficial than learning reiki separately. So we both learned reiki first degree and second degree together.

We practiced for 21 days and with the grace of God, we were having enough time to devote to reiki. During the practice, we also came across some malfunctions in our bodies. The reason behind this is that sometimes when you start treating yourself, you come across your old problems and diseases. After that, I learnt astral, crystal, color therapies and recently I learnt third degree reiki from sir. We are lucky that we met sir in the home of the Gods. When I was learning reiki, I saw people coming from faraway places to learn reiki from sir. We were lucky that we were within 15 minutes of reach of sir. When we came to know that sir is shifting to Canada, we all were very sad that sir is going far away from us. But this distance made our bond stronger day by day. This made sir to come back to India. Moreover, he wanted people to become familiar about the powers which they can possess through reiki. If you want to learn something in the field of reiki, it is very important to find someone who knows about it, otherwise wrong healings can also destroy your life. There is no caste, religion in reiki. With the help of reiki our primary aim is to heal people and bring back happiness in their lives. A few days ago, when I was in school a kid came to me saying that some teacher had called me as a kid was having stomach ache all of a sudden. The staff of my school knew that I know how to do reiki healing. I healed the kid the same way sir healed me back in 2006. I used all the therapies taught to me by sir and the kid was prefect after some time. No doubt the kid was happy that he was fine now, but I was happier because I was able to take him out of his pain. I did reiki on many other students but this is the most recent case which happened with me 2-3 days ago. Not only reiki is effective on human beings but also on machines and plants. There was a plant in my garden which was not growing tall and I was successful in making it grow tall after applying reiki on it. Whenever we start talking about reiki, we shift into a reiki environment. I learnt a lot in very less time and now I regret not learning reiki in 2006 instead of 2010. I am thankful to Dr. Sandhu for teaching me all the therapies and in my life ahead, I will never stop taking advice on reiki from sir. Thank You.

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