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ANSWER:The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is defined as being that power which act and lives in all created matter. Reiki is a Japanese word where the syllable ‘REI ‘ describes the universal boundless being and ‘KI ‘ means energy. It is the one of the highest forms of energy in existence. Everyone is born with Reiki, for it is the energy of life itself.


ANSWER: Reiki is not a religion, as it holds no creed or doctrine. It has nothing to do with spiritualism or occult in any shape or form. It has nothing to do with the calling up of ghost or demons, nor is it concerned with hypnosis or any other kind of psychological technique . To practice Reiki no special kind of faith or belief is required.
In Reiki treatment, use is made solely of natural but concentrated form of cosmic energy.

ANSWER: Throughout the history of man-kind, healing methods have always existed which were based on the transfer of universal, all pervading life energy - the same energy which brings forth all life in the universe and nourishes it. Thousand of years ago, the Tibetans already possessed a deep understanding of the nature of the spirit, energy & matter and used this knowledge to heal their bodies, harmonize their souls and lead their spirit to an Experience of unity.

This knowledge was guarded and preserved by the mystery school of most ancient Cultures and was available in its entirety only to very few people, usually priests or spirituals leaders who in turn passed it on to their disciples by word of mouth. The knowledge of Reiki would have remained lost forever had not Dr.Mikao Usui rediscovered the key which lead to the recovery of thousand year old tradition of healing in 2500 years old Sanskrit Sutras at End of 19th century.

ANSWER: The key to REIKI is its simplicity. The real difference is in the Attunement (also known as Initiation) process, which the student experiences in the various levels of REIKI classes. During the first degree seminar (approx 10-12 hours), spread over a period of 2 days, a series of four attunements are given by a traditional REIKI Master. In the process, certain energy centres, also known as chakras, are Activated to enable the person to channel higher amount of universal life Force energy.

After this, one can lay his/her hands on another person and help accelerate healing process by transferring REIKI. The other person draws in just the right amount of this life force energy through the hands of REIKI channel that he/she needs to release, Activate or transform the energy of the physical, mental and ethric bodies.

REIKI is a natural system of great simplicity, since nothing other than your hands are required to carry it out , where other form of therapy may demand months and years of the training for the practitioner, REIKI can be taught in a week- end. After having been through the attunement process most nurses, doctors, massage therapist well acquainted with the touch and feel of the human body, notice immediate increase in the amount of energy or the feeling of heat emanating from their hands when doing treatments. Today, we can use it to complement all other kinds of healing methods.

ANSWER: One of the greatest benefit of REIKI is self treatment. Once a person is attuned, he or she need only have intention to do REIKI on him/her self or others, and the energy is immediately drawn through on its own accord with no further intense focus from the practitioner needed. It is extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress release. One is filled with a sensation of peace, vitality and joy, often combined with a pleasant feeling of security and of being enclosed in a fine a sheath of energy. Treating one self also help to release withheld emotions and energy blocks, REIKI works holistically.

REIKI not only can effect changes in the chemical structure of the body by helping to regenerate organs and rebuild tissue and bones, it also helps create a balance on the mental level. REIKI is a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness the very key to enlightenment. REIKI affects each individual in very personal way the result being determined by the needs of the person being treated, some common denominators which seem to result in most treatments are that, it.

*Balances Energy
*Increases Creativity
*Helps Release Emotions
*Release Stress
*Amplifies Energy
*Works on Causal Level of Disease
*Heals Holistically

REIKI can never do damage in any way, since it flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient.

The Usui system of REIKI is not only the most simple and natural healing method we know of, but it also the most effective way of transferring the universal life force energy. Once a person has been opened up to become a “channel ” for REIKI concentrated life force energy will flow through hands on its own accord and will retain this ability for the rest of his life.

ANSWER: REIKI is energy, God‘s love energy, one of its major benefit is for healing yourself and others by TOUCH HEALING in the first level of Reiki & by ABSENTEE or DISTANT HEALING in the second level of REIKI. Furthermore

REIKI helps students to improve memory or retention power in their studies. Sportsmen can enhance their stamina. Business activities can be flourished. Plantation growth or farming yields can be improved by REIKI. Even performance of vehicles and machinery can be rectified. Homemakers can use REIKI in their day today activities. REIKI can also be used for strengthening relationship. We can counter all kinds of FEAR, DEPRESSION and LETHARGIC activity with the help of REIKI. Those interested to develop SPIRITUALLY can experience positive energies at holy places on their own,(please NOTE: REIKI is a technique & it‘s not a religion) by learning this natural healing method. When we give REIKI we do not loose any power. On the contrary we get energized.

This centre, the brainchild of KARANPAL SINGH SANDHU (Master) is working since 1996 at Amritsar (PB) in INDIA and from now on, (MAY 2012 onwards) in Calgary (AB) CANADA. Apart from giving healing sessions to patients, this centre‘s main objective is to make every person self reliant and capable enough to heal self and near/dear ones.

  REIKI (First level)Min. 10hrs in 2days duration
  REIKI (second level).-- ,, --

REIKI further levels are taught only after attaining certain level of ability.

-CRYSTAL THERAPY (Basic level)
  CRYSTAL (Advanced and Teaching levels only after attaining certain level of ability.
  - ASTRAL THERAPY (Basic level)
  ASTRAL (Advanced and Teaching levels after attaining certain level of ability.
  -COLOR THERAPY (Basic level)
  COLOR ( Advanced and Teaching levels after attaining certain level of ability.
  Different MEDITATION PROGRAMS (of different time spans) to get rid of all types of regressions and attainment of spiritual goals and further self growth.

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