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Question arises as to why there are different degrees or levels in Reiki? Now a days, divisions of attunement has its importance. The energy that enters our body is very powerful and for its stabilization, some time gap is needed. So that flow of energy may increase slowly and these vibrations get stimulated step by step, resulting in more benefits to the recipient.

Reiki is a very simple technique and it is very easy to learn. No special intelligence is required to learn Reiki. Even children and old persons can learn it within two days seminar. In 1st degree Reiki, on Day 1, background of Reiki and placement of hands upon body (Self Treatment) is learnt. Then series of four initiation are performed to activate four chakras by which one feels the difference between before and after Reiki process. Reiki starts flowing and hands either get warm sensations or tingling sensation starts. On the Day 2, we learn how to heal others by Touch Healing Technique, knowledge about different chakras etc.. Also an exercise is conducted for experiencing Reiki to an other person to know the difference between pre and post initiation flow of Reiki. The Reiki channel is asked questions regarding his practical experience and feelings about Reiki.

At the commencement, 21 days practice for 72 minutes daily is needed on your body. All the obstructions in your seven chakras will be removed. During practice you are required to place your hands on the 2 parts of your body for 72 minutes i.e. 3 minutes at each point. Afterwards, you can do Reiki practice on others. The more you practice the greater will be the flow of Reiki in your body.

To make the Reiki flow a continuous process, we must daily take account of the whole day‘s as to how we dealt with others: What was good and what was bad and what needed improvement. In this way we will enhance our knowledge which will create awareness. Reiki practice is also essential so that our mind may become balanced and we may get rid of old habits. Since human being is a unit thus everyone has a different way of assimilating Reiki, so we should not come to quick decision whether Reiki is flowing or not. Reiki is drawn according to the need of the drawee. We will know this only by giving Reiki to other person. Your body is purified by Reiki.

After having received the knowledge of Reiki, vibrations are increased in our body and negative energy is driven out. It is assessed that 21 days are needed for driving out negatively from seven chakras. During this 21 days practice you will realize that cleanliness of the chakras is complete. You will find change in your habits i.e. some of the old habits and improper food intake will be changed or stopped all together. These changes occur in the physical as well as in the energy body. You will increase your awareness and will understand the life in a better way.

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