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S. Gurpartap Singh (Popy), Video Director

Hello, my name is Gurpartap Singh and I am an artist. I am in touch with Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu since the past 8 years. After knowing about reiki, I came across a lot of experiences which I don‘t think would have been possible if I hadn‘t chosen to adopt this study. First of all, I would like to tell you that one of my colleagues suggested me to learn reiki and when I heard about reiki, I didn‘t trust it and had no faith in it. I looked into reiki the scientific way and thought how everything people were saying was even possible. But when I came to meet Dr. Sandhu and learnt and practiced reiki, I realized that reiki is really magical. After learning reiki from Dr. Sandhu, I came across a lot of experiences. Once my friend called me and asked me if I can help his sister by doing reiki treatment as he knew that I studied reiki.

I told him that I will surely try and he came to pick me up and we both went to the hospital where she was admitted. When I visited the room she was admitted in, she was lying down on the bed and the doctors said that she is able to inhale and exhale but It was in the last decade of 19th Century, after tireless efforts and research of nearly two decades that Dr. Mikao Usui could understand as to how Lord Buddha had the knowledge of treating patients with bare hands. Lord Buddha knew about healing with 'Touch of Hands‘ even before the times of lord Jesus Christ. In the holy scripts of both religions we can read about the "Miraculous Touch Healing" abilities of both Saints.
she is saying that she is not able to breathe properly. I asked the doctors that what we should do. They replied that they have tried all the machines on her but everything is fine, the only problem is that she is under depression and she thinks that she is not able to breathe properly. I called Dr. Sandhu and asked him that I want to do reiki healing of my friend‘s sister as I was new to reiki and she was the first one on whom I was going to do reiki healing. Dr. Singh Sandhu told me the points where I should do reiki. I did reiki healing on all the points which Dr. Sandhu suggested and you wouldn‘t believe that after some time, the girl who was on bed from the past 3 days without food, stood up and said me ‘Brother, what did you do to me that I am not having any breathing trouble now’. So there are a lot of experiences I have with reiki which made me believe in healing through reiki. Till date, I have learned a lot of therapies which include astral, crystal, color therapies. Each therapy was having different experience and today I would like to thank Dr. Sandhu that he taught us reiki therapy and we are not only able to help ourselves but also others. So, I would only request you people to learn reiki healing and take benefits from it. Thank You.

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