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Retired Professor Kulwant Kaur Hallan, Hostel Warden, BBK DAV Amritsar

I met Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu in 1999. I got my first degree from him in 1999. After a couple of days, I was having my exam. My neighbor was completely on bed rest due to some tragic incident. On asking the doctors, they said that the person can‘t move. I asked the members of the family of my uncle requesting them to allow me to take him to Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu. They allowed me to bring uncle for therapy. After getting treatment from here, within a week my uncle started walking. My uncle was a heart patient. During the rest of his life, he was able to walk properly and didn‘t have any problem in walking after the treatment.

I witnessed one more miracle which I would like to share with you. This incident happened with my sister. All the doctors said that there is no hope that she can ever walk. I thought of bringing her to Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu. When I brought her to Mr. Sandhu, he was giving lessons to some of his students regarding reiki. Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu performed reiki on my sister for half an hour to 45 minutes and when my sister came out of the clinic, she was able to walk properly without any problem. We visited our doctor after getting the treatment done and the doctor said she need not undergo any operation now. I have many similar experiences with Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu‘s treatment on reiki.

He never charges even a single penny from me for doing reiki, and whenever I have brought anyone for treatment he put aside all his ongoing works and gave his full attention towardsme. I have learnt astic healing and crystal healing from Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu, but I am not expert in it. Whenever there is any seminar on reiki, we are present there. People present there pass comments like “What is the person doing?”, actually they are doing nothing but balancing the energy. People of all ages from a small child to old man everyone can take benefit from reiki. Only people who undergo reiki know what the positive effects of reiki are. Thank you very much.

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