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Goldy, Car Driver

My name is Goldy and I am car driver of Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu. I am in touch with sir since the past 6-7 years. Recently, I started learning reiki from sir. People used to come and learn reiki from sir. So I asked him to teach me as well. My mother was suffering from blood cancer so I asked her to visit one of the reputed hospitals of Chandigarh. On visiting the hospital, the doctors said that theycan‘t operate her and there is not much time left for her to live. They asked us to give her complete bed rest for the time being. So I thought of doing reiki healing on her and after some time, we took her again to the same hospital. During her second visit to the hospital, the doctors agreed to operate her and after undergoing the operation she returned home. I kept on giving her reiki healing side by side. The effect of reiki healing was so much that right now she is able to walk and eat properly and is able to do all the daily activities properly. There are many other experiences too but for now, I would only like to share this experience with you. Thank You.

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