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Pradeep Singh

My name is Pradeep Singh and I am 28 years old. I am from district TaranTaran and I work in a bank as a loan officer. I am in connection with reiki since the year 2006. My younger sister was the one who made me familiar with reiki. She was doing her BBA from Hindu College at that time. Earlier after completing her metric, she used to have chicken pox every year before her final exams. We belong from a Jatt family but still we visited many temples to get rid of her chicken pox. Many people told us that one gets chicken pox only once in his/ her lifetime. My sister was having chicken pox for the fifth consecutive year and the problem was so much worse that she was close to death. Our relatives started to gather in our house thinking that my sister might die in a day or two. Once my sister said to me “Brother, if you want to save me, please call Poppi Brother ”. The person sitting next to me is Poppi brother. At that time, I was had no other option, so I took my motor bike and came to brother‘s home to pick him up.

I requested him to come to my home and thankfully he came with me. All the relatives and neighbors were present in our home thinking that my sister might day in an hour or two and everyone was crying on the loss they were going to face. My brother went to my sister ‘s room and he spent 15-20 minutes with her. After 20 minutes, we all were shocked including my family members andneighbors as we saw my sister standing up and she had 2 chapattis that day. We belong from a comrade family and we didn ‘t believe in all these things before, but what we saw with our eyes made us believe. From that day, my sister ‘s health kept on getting better with each passing day and today she is teaching Mathematics in a Government school. That incident changed my entire life. I met brother and he made me familiar with reiki and he also took me to Mr. Sandhu so that I could get to know more about reiki. I would like to thank Mr. Sandhu for the knowledge he gave me. In the past 6-7 years, Mr. Sandhu has taught and helped me a lot that even if I wanted to repay him with anything I would fail. I would like to share another story with you. There was a bus driver who used to work with Punjab Roadways bus service. His backbone was completely damaged in a bus accident. I went to his home and did reiki treatment on him for three days. After three days, he went to his home and was able to take bath by himself. There are a lot of healing experiences which I have done myself with my bare hands.

There was one more incident with my younger sister. She is blessed with a daughter and when the baby was 4 months old; her foot got burnt due to the spilling of warm milk on it. You may have idea on how much it would pain if a four months old baby ‘s body part gets burnt, as the skin at that time is very delicate. I was in my bank on duty and I received a call from my parents. My family members were having faith in me that they called me instead of taking my niece to the hospital. My father asked me to come home as soon as possible and do reiki on my niece. We didn ‘t provide her with any other treatment or medication. There was a huge burn mark on my niece ‘s leg and it was horrible even to look at. We did reiki therapy on her and with the combination of the reiki treatment and bravery of my niece; she recovered from the injury in no time. I met her two weeks ago and checked her leg and I was surprised to see that there was no burn mark present there anymore.

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