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Now everyone in Edmonton can conveniently get access to Reiki Healing. Thanks to Holistic Hands Alliance, this provides Reiki healing sessions to each and every individual who is in need of it. In each one- hour long session of Reiki, the recipient rests on a massage table, while the Reiki practitioner places his hands on their body or holds them just above the body of the individual.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is an entirely natural way of gaining spiritual stability and physical balance in an individual‘s life. It is a perfect way of improving your instincts and perspective towards health as well as wellness. The benefits of Reiki are endless. A large number of diseases can be treated by the practice of Reiki healing and it also rejuvenates an individual both inside as well as outside.

Basically Reiki healing uses the energy of life force and helps in balancing the energy flow within the entire body. Energy in the body can get clogged at a particular site and through the help of Reiki healing; this energy can be made to travel throughout the entire body.

Types of Reiki healing

Depending on the type of healing practice involved, there can be 2 types of Reiki Healing:
1. Reiki Touch Healing: The Reiki practitioner places his hands on the body of the recipient. These different hand placements help in bringing stability and also rejuvenate the life and soul of the individual.
2. Reiki Distance Healing: In this type of Reiki healing, the practitioner instead of placing his hands on the recipient‘s body, holds them just above their body.

Aura cleansing

For experiencing all the health benefits of Reiki healing, it is necessary to take part in its one- hour long session. But if you do not have time to undergo an one- hour long session of Reiki healing, then you can undergo the Aura cleansing session, an alternative of Reiki healing. It provides all the benefits that an hour- long session of Reiki provides to the recipients.

Benefits of Reiki Healing:

Reiki provides a wide array of benefits, such as:

. Provides balance and stability to the human body, mind and soul.
. Dissolves all the energy blocks in the body by making energy to flow from one particular point.
. All the energy stored in the body gets elevated.
. Helps in improving focus and rejuvenates the soul and body.
. Enhances the immune system, hence accelerating the self- healing ability of the recipient‘s body.
. A number of ailments can be treated using Reiki healing, such as headache, migraine, asthma, body aches, flu and so on.
. Both acute as well as chronic diseases can get treated
. Lots of people claim that through Reiki healing sessions, the size of their tumours have reduced considerably.
. Relationship conflicts and issues in both personal and private lives can be resolved
. Flushes out toxins out of the body
. People claim to have better sleeping patterns after undergoing Reiki treatment.

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