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Introduction to Reiki Healing

The term Reiki is a Japanese word which means universal life energy. Reiki healing is a very ancient Japanese technique of bringing stability and relaxation in the human body. This is done by making the energy to travel from one location in the body to all other parts of the body. For attaining physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual balance in life, Reiki healing is a tested as well as proven practice.

Reiki is a natural healing practice which inculcates balance and relaxation into our lives. A Reiki practitioner is believed to impart energy into the client ‘s body with the movements of his hands on their bodies. Both hands- on healing as well as palm healing techniques can be used by a Reiki master, based on the requirement of the clients. During each session of Reiki healing, the recipients rest on a massage table.

Types of Reiki healing

Based on the approach being used by the Reiki expert, Reiki healing can be classified into two different types:

1. Reiki Touch healing: In this, the Reiki practitioner places his hands on different parts of the client ‘s body, hence imparting calmness and energy flow throughout his body.
2. Reiki Distance healing: On the other hand, the Reiki master holds his hands just above the body of the recipient during Reiki Distance healing sessions. Even without touching the client ‘s body, universal energy can be imparted.

Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing is an excellent alternative to Reiki Healing. In case you do not have time for a full- fledged one- hour session of Reiki healing, you can choose Aura Cleansing instead.

Reiki Healing in Vancouver

Now it is possible to get Reiki healing in Vancouver as well. Thanks to Holistic Hands Alliance, this provides healing for all kinds of discomforts and illness through Reiki healing technique. Irrespective of the age as well as physical condition of the individual, each and everyone can benefit from the Reiki healing treatment. A large number of illness as well as diseases can be treated through Reiki. It not only reduces the effect of ailments on the human body, rather it also brings back stability and relaxation in the body of the individual.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

The innumerable as well as proven benefits of Reiki healing technique makes it one of the best treatment options for all kinds of mental as well as physical problems. Some of the prominent benefits of Reiki healing are:
. Detoxifies the body
. Provides spiritual, mental as well as physical stability
. Calms and relaxes the body of the recipient
. Increases the flow of energy
. Provides better sleeping patterns
. Rejuvenates the human body and mind
. Helps in the treatment of various ailments, such as asthma, flu, headache, migraine, cold, body aches and also reduces the size of tumours
. Issues like lack of confidence and self- esteem gets resolved
. Treats various acute and chronic diseases

. Helps in solving all kinds of relationship conflicts

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