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Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. We at holistic hands alliance are providing Reiki training in Calgary.

REIKI has helped billions of people around the world by changing life situations in their favour. This universe is made up of energy which may be vibrating or static and may living or non living in nature. Once the energy is balanced and blockages are cleared in body the right form of energy flows and positive results occur, this happens when one receives REIKI Healing.

Universal life force energy is that energy through which we are born and live throughout our life. Reiki can also be compared with breathing because when a person stops breathing, we say he is dead. Although Reiki is of utmost importance yet this art of Reiki was lost for us. Dr. Mikao Usui spent many years and succeeded in rediscovering the lost art. Since he was Japanese, he named it ”Reiki„ where ‘Rei ’means Universal Force and ‘Ki’ means energy. This energy was known to Mahatma Buddha but had vanished since spiritual leaders passed on this information to their disciples by word of mouth and no written records were kept. Many spiritual leaders used this art for longevity and spiritual development. Reiki is a very simple art through which body, mind and soul can be purified which is an essential part of God‘s blessings.

Reiki can be learnt by anyone (age no bar) at any phase of life. One only needs to have the urge to learn. A person keen to learn Reiki has to learn it in person. The physical presence of the person is required during learning sessions. Reiki is being taught by an experienced Traditional Reiki Master who is teaching it since 1996.

Brochures of Reiki

Karanpal Singh Sandhu
Viber & Cell (403) 992-6062
Traditional Reiki Grand Master
Colour/Astral & Crystal Master

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