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Ritu, Working as HRD Executive in MNC

Hello, my name is Ritu and I am 28 years old. I work as an executive in an MNC. I came to know about reiki in the year 2008. As Pradeep brother recently said that one only gets in touch with anything when they are supposed to and I totally agree with this point. I came to know about reiki through a student of mine. I would like to thank her through this press conference. Her name is Rajan Deep Kaur. I came in touch with Rajan Deep and I came to know about reiki. I would like to say one thing that there are many people who say wrong things about the study of reiki. One of my family members, my uncle learnt about reiki from someone but the effect of this teaching turned out to be wrong which resulted in the formation of a huge gap in our relationship with them. But when I came in contact with this study and told my father about reiki, he took the entire thing in a positive manner. I am thankful to Dr. Karanpal Singh Sandhu that all we five family members have learnt reiki and we all are very happy. With the help of reiki, not only we feel positive but we also see the positivity in the people around us.

I would like to share my experience of reiki with you. Back in the year 2008 when I learnt reiki, my both brothers were in abroad. As we all know, if someone is far away from family and is living alone they get both mentally and physically unfit. Whenever my brothers used to tell me about the problems they were facing, I used to pray for them and also did reiki for them and everything used to come back to normal. In fact, my brothers used to call me and ask me about what I did as they got relieved of the trouble they were facing within 5 minutes. With the help of reiki I was able to cure many problems like physical pain, depression etc. You already have heard a lot of things about reiki, but I would like to share something with you which are related to amethyst crystal. This crystal affected and helped me in a lot of ways and I don‘t even remember all the benefits that I got by using this crystal. The best experience which I would like to share with you related to amethyst crystal is that of my grandmother. My grandmother used to feel a lot of pain which did not allow her to sleep well. But now I everyday apply reiki on her and pray to the Almighty God to keep her fit and healthy. If someday I forget to give her reiki treatment due to work load, she wakes up in the night and calls me. She asks me to give the crystals to her as she wants to keep them with her. I forgot to tell one thing which happened two days ago when I forgot to do reiki and gave her crystals. She called me and then I prayed and gave crystals to her and she felt asleep. Not only me but my whole family is happy with amethyst crystal treatment.

If we talk about color therapy, I would like to share one incident related to it. Two days ago, some of my colleagues indulged in a fight. Eventually the fight ended but at times, situations like this leave their impact on the environment around us. So I did color therapy in order to calm them. You wouldn‘t believe that one out of those two who started the fight talked to the other guy and after five minutes they were eating their lunch together. The environment of my office was back to normal. Along with Reiki I have learnt amethyst crystal, color therapy, first degree, and second degree. Few days ago, I started to learn third degree reiki and I am also practicing for the same. The results of reiki are so great and ravishing that the more we praise about this practice, it would be less.

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