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In the first degree Reiki we pay attention towards the Physical Body where as in Second Degree we have connection with the Energy Body. Intuition power which is related to Pitiutary gland also increases. This is the same knowledge of the spiritual leaders which is understood as knowledge to understand other person ‘s thoughts and secrets. Pitiutary gland also helps in sending and receiving thoughts to other persons. During initiation for 2nd degree, Third Eye is activated by which we follow the right path in our life. This level of Reiki works beyond the barriers of Time and Space. So we are able to help a person sitting far away. If we start understanding intuition power, then we will understand that very good results are possible. So, we must listen to wisdom and peace. With practice, we get guidance from God. In the Second Degree of Reiki we are taught the Three Pious Symbols which aid us in sending energy beyond time and space and person can send his treatment to far away places. This exchange occurs through the thoughts in our mind. With 2nd degree Reiki, other person also draws energy according to his needs. This initiation acts as a bridge between healer and healee, removes hurdles and increase Reiki power manifolds.

We have seen that with first level Reiki, we activate upper four Chakras while with second level, third eye Chakra got activated which is directly connected with spiritual knowledge. Activated channel remains so through out ones life. This channel can be used as and when you need Reiki. With the second level/degree attunement, we move ahead and we achieve four times more additional power than what we use in the first degree Reiki. The pious symbols that we are taught, aid us in sending distance Reiki. Second degree Reiki is concerned with curing of Energy body and Physical body receives additional attention. Third eye gets benefited by which we have increased intuition power.We call fulfill almost all our good intentions apart from improving our life. After 21 days practice, our crown chakra is energized and Kundlini energy also gets effected by properly practicing Reiki.

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